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  1. Good Dog Print ( 9" x 9" in size)
  2. The Unexpected Pit Bull Note Cards (4 Pack)

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About the Print:

Exclusive print by artist Dana Hawk

Dana Hawk's "Good Dog" print represents our belief that all dogs are inherently good dogs. "Good Dog" beautifully illustrates a heartfelt  truth that can be shared with family and friends while complementing any living or work space.

About the Artist: Dana Hawk grew up in rural Missouri, with dogs as her constant companions.  When she started painting in 2003, dogs naturally became one of her main subjects. Dana believes that to do a good portrait of anyone/anything, the artist needs to have a connection with their subject. She finds that connection to be very quick, and many times humorous, when it comes to dogs.

Prints are 9" x 9" in size - image is 8" x 8" with a 1/2 inch border; This archival print is sold attached to a white foam-core board placed in a plastic sleeve. 

About The Unexpected Pit Bull Note Cards:

For the dog lovers in your life, The Unexpected Pit Bull has created a line of note cards featuring gorgeous images of four of our calendar dogs. These cards are keepers.  Cards are blank on the right side with a heart warming quote appearing discretely in the bottom left. Take a moment to send someone a "I'm thinking of you", or a "hang in there" or a "I can't wait to see you again" card. Your note and our images will be sure to make someone's day.  

As always, 100% of the net profits from your purchase is donated to shelters and rescue organizations doing life-saving work and creating second chances.

- Set includes 4 cards. One of each design.

- Card size when folded: 5 x 7 inches

- Includes blank envelopes for each card

Special thanks to Dog Breath Photography, For the Love Pet Photography, InBetween the Blinks Photography, and Corby Design.

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