The Unexpected Pit Bull

15 years ago, The Unexpected Pit Bull was founded to celebrate rescued pit bulls in an annual fundraising calendar, at a time when there were few public allies to these dogs that were gravely misunderstood. The calendar was not only a way to raise money to help shelter dogs but also to steer the conversation about pit bulls into the positive. While there is still discrimination and prejudices against these dogs and their owners, we now see a vast ocean of allies who are all fighting in their own ways for fairness through facts. It's an exciting development that we feel has resulted in a great deal of progress and a tremendous shift in narrative. Because of this, we decided that this will be our final The Unexpected Pit Bull calendar. It's a chapter that we feel good about closing now. We want to thank all our fans and supporters, our partner photographers, beneficiary organizations who continue to do life-altering work, sponsors, and of course all the families that have been featured.