Contest Judges' Choice Winner - Otto & Charva

Otto and Charva, our “secret” scientists. Otto the wildlife management specialist keeps track of the local deer population and entomologist Charva has a particular interest in grasshopper locomotion. Congratulations scientists!


Location: St. Joseph, Illinois.

Hi, I'm Otto, and that's my little sis, Charva, there behind me. This is a photo of us taking a break from work. We are both scientists. I am a wildlife management specialist and Charva is an entomologist. Now, I think Charva just runs after anything that moves, but she does have a particular talent for catching and eating grasshoppers as we go for patrols around the prairie. Mom and Dad says that makes Charva an entomologist. They're scientists too, so I guess they'd know. But, I have much more focus and passion for my profession than my silly sister. I am 110% dedicated to the study and control of white tailed deer populations. When I see deer, I first send out an alert to make sure everyone is safe and to communicate my findings (communication is very important in science - publish or perish!). I then pursue the target with a strength of will, focus, and physical stamina that cannot be matched.

Before Mom and Dad got that horrible fence that they thought I'd like and said was for me (uh, no.. I _don't_ like it...sigh, parents...), I busted through screens to chase deer across the prairie and even swam across the river once to chase deer (but then got distracted by a chicken coop in the neighbor's yard - didn't get the deer or any chickens, but met some lovely people)! Since the fence (yuck!), I am more restricted in my attempts to manage the deer population, but I continue my observations and communicate findings regularly. Mom and Dad often tell me that it is okay that deer live here and even try to say that they _like_ them coming over, but I know that's nonsense. Being vigilent and passionate about my job, I am constant and relentless in monitoring the prairie. And if I do happen to nod off once or twice, Charva helps by telling me about deer that I didn't see. Mom amd Dad don't seem to appreciate that, but I think that's really nice of her because once I see those deer, I can make sure to let everyone know. This is an important job.