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Get our now iconic ADOPT LOVE shirts in a range of styles from hoodies for those “Brrrrr!” freezing winter days, unisex t-shirts for all your friends and family, flowy tanks for grueling workouts, roomy v-necks for comfort and more. Choose from a variety of colors – we have a full smorgasbord.  

Each relaunch of the shirt fundraiser will run for approximately 3 weeks.  Once the fundraiser meets the minimum quantity of shirts needed to print, your shirt orders will ship out to you  approximately 14 business days after each campaign ends.  Please be sure to check on the Bonfire fundraiser page for the campaign end date. All shirt order inquiries can also be directed to Bonfire customer support listed on your order confirmation email.

CLICK HERE TO BUY A SHIRT. You will be redirected to the shirt fundraiser page.