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badrap.orgWe have been proud supporters of Bay Area rescue, education, and advocacy organization BADRAP for a number of years. Through our annual donations to them we’ve helped fund an addition to BADRAP’s rescue barn, a guest cabin for visiting rescue and shelter workers, and we helped purchase their spay/neuter van aptly named “The Nut Truck”. We continue to financially support their FREE spay/neuter services for community residents through their “Keep ‘em Home Project”, a multi-faceted program assisting owners to keep their pets home and to keep them out of shelters.



Dogs Out LoudDogs Out Loud’s mission is to expand what dogs are considered “adoptable” at area shelters in their hometown of Austin, TX. They provide training, behavioral assistance, and high quality care to medium and large breed dogs in danger at shelters due to resource intensive behavior issues. With our donation this year DOL is providing in-shelter, in-foster training and enrichment supplies, volunteer training kits, group class materials, post-adoption care packages, and training scholarships to families who have adopted dogs through their program.


Safe Humane ChicagoWe have been supporting Safe Humane Chicago’s “Court Case Dog” program for a number of years, helping canine victims of abuse and neglect. We help fund this unique program that assists these dogs by giving them the needed socialization and training through play groups and activities with volunteers while they await rescue. Every Court Case Dog is also provided a lifetime of behavioral support. Safe Humane Chicago’s many programs, including work with students and veterans, intersect and intertwine, creating not only benefits for animals in need but also fostering mutually supportive and humane community partnerships.



ColoRADogsColoRADogs fights breed discrimination through their rescue and by spearheading smart and savvy campaigns to educate the public. But what we love about them is that they take it one step further and also advocate on behalf of the humans at the other end of the leash. Their trademarked phrase “RESPONSIBLE OWNERSHIP IS NOT BREED SPECIFIC™"…or race specific, or class, or education, or geography…you get the idea,” is one we totally agree with. With the funds donated to them, ColoRADogs is caring for the dogs in their program as well as using the money to expand their outreach efforts to provide resources to dog owners that find themselves in need of a little extra help.


Flash Fundraisers are limited-time sales in which all profits from our calendar purchases are donated to a specific animal welfare organization. Please click on the logos below to learn more about each organization: