Fundraiser Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner - Gracie & Patton



Better Together Graice and Patton with Better Together Pillow

Gracie and Patton

Meet Gracie and Patton, the inseparable dynamic duo! Gracie came into our lives by way of being taken from a bad home, and we adopted her through animal control as a puppy. Gracie is so sweet, but started suffering from separation anxiety. The vet suggested a companion. We didn’t want to bring just any dog into our house, it had to be a special dog that Gracie would love and would be good for our family, too. One day we went to the shelter to see a dog that was online. That dog was high energy and dominant over Gracie, so it wasn’t the right fit.

As we were leaving the shelter, I saw “Vincent” on the photo board -scraggly, scars, missing hair and beat up. I asked about him, and was told her was in rough shape and suffered severe abuse. This huge Pitbull only weighed 31 lbs, and was all bones. How would this abused dog be around us and Gracie? He walked in, barely able to walk, shy and timid. He came over and sniffed me, felt comfortable, and laid down in my lap. He had no energy, endured terrible abuse, and yet still was trusting and open to being loved! We scheduled a meet and greet for the pups, and the instant they met, what were once broken puppies, suddenly were connected and happy. Tails wagging, licks and kisses. A best friendship was born in that moment. We knew these two had to be together, and so came home with us and a Pittie family was started. Gracie was cleaning his scars, giving him kisses, and wanted to be next to him the whole time. We took him home with us to be part of the Pittie family!

Vincent, who survived hell, was renamed General Patton- the dog that survived a war and lived to see another day. The vet said he had suffered frostbite, a broken nose, missing teeth, broke jaw, burns on his body, and a deflated spirit and about 40lbs underweight.  Gracie wasn’t going to let her new little brother suffer anymore. Big sister would slow down her pace to walk next to her weak brother. The dogs would whine and cry if they were in separate rooms. They began sleeping together in the same pet bed and snuggling! They also began to change as dogs. Patton gained weight and Gracie no longer had anxiety. These two are a team and experience unconditional love and devotion to one another. Their bond and closeness healed them.

My pet’s magic is their resiliency to overcome incredible obstacles! They withstood difficult situations and came back stronger than anyone could have expected. Their love for each other saved them - that is a SUPER POWER!