Fundraiser Photo Contest 2nd Place Winner - Micha


Micha crossed my path one week after I lost my girl Diva.  A woman I know that rescues animals asked if I would help her if she could get these dogs from their owner.  Micha had two puppies, at the time that were 6 months old.  They lived with a man that lived out of his truck and were alone for 20 hours a day.  When the weather was too hot they were shuffled from backyard to backyard.  He refused to give them up stating that he wanted to breed them.   Someone called the police a few months later and the dogs were taken to animal control where we were finally able to rescue them.  I took the mom who is now my Micha.  She is 3 years old.   I won’t say she was abused but she was totally neglected.  She had 2 respiratory viruses and a bacterial one when she came to me.  She was so sick. Two dead teeth and one so broken you could hardly see it.  I cannot imagine how much pain she lived with until those nerves died.  Her skin and coat were a mess as well as several growths that needed to be removed.  Micha then had 2 surgeries having 3 teeth pulled and the growths removed.  The sun caused one growth so I know she did not have proper shelter when outside.  I was not always sure about Pitbulls.  My son came to me 20 years ago telling me he was getting a Pitbull and I was not thrilled.  He said, ”Mom we always had Dobermans!”  Needless to say I am now hooked as he was the best dog I ever owned and have not owned another breed since.  Micha was my first rescue and I realized she did not know how to be a dog.  She did not even know how to go up stairs when I first brought her home.  She would rock back and forth as if she was going to jump and ended up tripping up the stairs.  She never had any toys and did not know how to play.  She would check with me first before she would do anything as she did not know what she was supposed to do.  Micha is still coming out of her shell but she is happy and healthy and settling in to her new wonderful 'dog' life.

Micha is an ambassador for love.  She greets people with her wiggly self and is so disappointed when outside if she does not get a hello from someone passing by.  She is so well behaved and only wants to please you.  She loves her soft blankets and cannot get enough of them, rubbing her face into them any time she can.  I have had several deaths in my life this year including my girl Diva and Micha has brought love and happiness back into my world.  Her angel-like qualities are her magic and the smiles on those that meet her are all the proof needed!