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The Unexpected Pit Bull 2018 Wall Calendar

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SIZE: Opened: 12" x 24" (closed 12" x 12") 

Do you believe in Superheroes?

At The Unexpected Pit Bull HQ, we definitely believe in Superheroes! Our Superheroes include all of the dogs we've met along the way: The Survivors, the Healers, the Court Jesters and the Zen Masters.  They are the Unifiers, the Bridge Builders, and the Teachers. These blocky headed dogs, each unique in their own special way, are here to remind us of what we, their human guardians, have in common.  We can find in them many of life's most valuable lessons; challenges can be overcome with a little help from our friends, sometimes laughter is the best medicine, that there is growth and beauty in embracing the unexpected, and there is power of being open to change.  Our canine companions are deserving of our love, admiration, and support. Simply by being themselves, they make us better.
Our 2018 Calendar Embraces 12 Everyday Superheroes. It's funny how some of the things we enjoy, love or admire about dogs are almost universal, while others will be unique to each of us, based on the relationships we have with our dog friends. At our best, we are our dog's Superheroes and they are ours. 
Did you know that each month combines amazing, beautiful professional photographs with intimate stories? Stories of humans whose lives haven't just been improved but transformed (sometimes, even saved) by the pit bulls in their midst. We guarantee you will be inspired by each personal story surrounding 2018's twelve unique calendar dogs! Plus, The Unexpected Pit Bull 2018 Calendar includes unexpected dog related holidays to celebrate too. 
ORDER Your 2018 Calendar TODAY! For yourself. For your Superhero friends. For holiday gift giving. For the joy of knowing that you are helping deserving animal welfare charities from coast to coast — making YOU a Superhero too!

Special thanks to Bark At The Moon Pet Photography for our 2018 Calendar Cover.


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