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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: The Unexpected Pit Bull 2019 Wall Calendar

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Okay, maybe that isn't really a secret, but it sure is true. Dogs are magic. They heal our hearts when they're broken, share a laugh even if we've told the same joke a million times, keep us on the path to fitness when we'd rather hit the snooze button and melt our stress away better than any yoga practice. They're our side kicks, our Besties, the life of our kids birthday parties. They stay in our hearts forever, even after they've continued on and the stories we share of their sometimes naughty antics always manage to make us smile. Yup, magic!

Every year we bring you 12 months of Pit Bull magic and every year, simply by buying a calendar or making a donation, YOU make magic happen for pit bulls and the people who care for them. So you see, you really are magic too! It's that easy, when you shop The Unexpected Pit Bull, you "Make Magic Happen." 

This year, we're making a little magic of our own by offering reduced prices and discounts when you buy more than one calendar. So shop early, and spread the word. As always, 100% of the net proceeds generated from the sale of our calendar and merchandise are distributed to our Beneficiary organizations so they can make a little magic of their own. 

Cover photo by Dog Breath Photography.

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