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The Unexpected Pit Bull is a not-for-profit organization that creates, markets, and sells merchandise celebrating pit bull dogs.
We donate 100% of the net proceeds from your purchase to animal welfare rescue, education, and advocacy organizations in need of support.


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Perhaps not Batman, Wonder Woman, or Luke Cage, but we are here to tell you, at The Unexpected Pit Bull HQ, we definitely believe in Superheroes!  In our world, the pit bull loving world, our Superheroes are a group more diverse then the Magnificent Seven.  Our Superheroes are Shelter Workers, Rescuers, Volunteers, Good Samaritans, and Veterinarians.  They're BSL Fighters and Cruelty Investigators.  They're Foster Families, Adoptive Families, and the extended family of friends and relatives, who love and play and advocate for dogs, whether or not they have one.  Our Superheroes give Compassion-Care and provide Community-Care.

Of course our Superheroes include all of the blocky headed dogs we met along the way, each unique in its own special way!  Our canine companions are deserving of our love, admiration, and support.  Simply by being themselves, they make us better.  At our best, we are our dog's Superheroes and they are ours.

CREATE SECOND CHANCES WHEN YOU BUY OUR 2018 THE UNEXPECTED PIT BULL CALENDAR.  For almost 15 years, The Unexpected Pit Bull's (TUPB) annual calendars have warmed hearts, changed minds and helped raise thousands of dollars for deserving pit bull rescue, advocacy and education efforts throughout North America. 100% of the net profits from YOUR purchase are donated to animal welfare organizations! Our 2018 edition does more of the same - This year's calendar is sure to sell out, order your calendars today!  Together we will make a difference.

ORDER YOUR TUPB 2018 CALENDAR TODAY!  For yourself.  For your Superhero friends.  For holiday gift giving.  For the joy of knowing that you are helping deserving animal welfare charities from coast to coast - making YOU a Superhero too!  Order Now!

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Stereotypes and prejudices against pit bull dogs or any other dogs don't take into account individual personalities and experiences those dogs have had. Many pit bull dogs live with children and are their best friends. This video was made with photographs submitted by families around the world who wanted to show how loving and wonderful their dogs are. We wanted to combat the negative press against them and protest against Breed Specific Laws that hurt innocent families.