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The Unexpected Pit Bull is a not-for-profit organization that creates, markets, and sells merchandise celebrating pit bull dogs.
We donate 100% of the net proceeds from your purchase to animal welfare rescue, education, and advocacy organizations in need of support.



As dog guardians, we all have stories about how that one dog, or how multiple dogs, changed the course of our lives foreveror enriched our lives so fully, that speaking of them as magical beings is not a tall tale but a real-life truth. Maybe your life path was altered by that special dog and now you are a shelter volunteer, shelter worker, or foster family, maybe you are a self-proclaimed pit bull advocate, or maybe you have become a dog trainer. Perhaps when you were at your deepest emotional lows where no human could reach you, your dog was able to pull you up. When all you needed was a judgement-free furry ear to listen and a soft paw to hold, your dog was right there by your side. While they may not have wings to fly or a magical unicorn horn (except while wearing their Halloween costume) their love for us and the love we give them back is truly otherworldly in its ability to change us and the world we live in for the better.

Our calendar is a showcase for examples of these magnificent bonds. When you display it on your wall, we hope that not only will it bring you a smile, but that it will be a conversation starter so that you too are spreading the magic generated by these stories. Think of it as helping to blow our very special pixie dust into the wind and out into to the world.

ORDER YOUR TUPB 2019 CALENDAR TODAY!  As always, 100% of the net proceeds generated from the sale of our calendarandmerchandise are distributed to our Beneficiary Organizations so they can make a little magic of their own.

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Stereotypes and prejudices against pit bull dogs or any other dogs don't take into account individual personalities and experiences those dogs have had. Many pit bull dogs live with children and are their best friends. This video was made with photographs submitted by families around the world who wanted to show how loving and wonderful their dogs are. We wanted to combat the negative press against them and protest against Breed Specific Laws that hurt innocent families.